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Starting with singing and ending with composing. 


Everything has to start somewhere.

In my case, it all began in the small sunday-school style social club for kids named "Kinder- und Jugendclub Glühwürmchen". 

I took some guitar lessons before that but I really started at the age of around 7, when I began singing for fun in a group taught by Elena Velikan.

For about 13 years I traveled all over Europe and even to Russia to compete in international singing competitions. I sang solo and together with Valeria Schuhmacher, who was my duet partner at the time. Though, I never really liked singing for the sole purpose of trying to be "BETTER" than my competitors. I would say I even hated that aspect. 

It all changed when I discovered DAWs.

Equipped with only two shitty speakers and a cheap little midi keyboard, I stepped into a whole new world of music. For the first time in my life, my ideas didn't just stay in my head!

Diving right in I got myself "Frooty Loops Studios" (Like everyone else) and began writing by ear because I didn't know any music theory at the time. Since I was really into electronic music back then, I started out writing EDM, Prog. House, Melodic Dubstep, etc., and slowly but surely expanded my studio equipment. 

After about a year of writing only electronic music, I got myself a microphone and began recording acoustic instruments as well. That's when it all changed.

I got obsessed with writing music and dove even further in by investing in more professional instruments, gear, and a new DAW. I couldn't get enough.

So I set out to expand my musical knowledge and become a professional musician.

In 2018 I got into the "New Jazz School" in Munich. That's when I got obsessed with Jazz music theory and arrangement. 

Unfortunately, a couple of days before the start of my education, my singing teacher of 13 wonderful years died of cancer. She was the person, who trained me to get into the school and helped me in any way she could. She was an unbelievably strong and kind woman and was like a mother to me. With her passing, all her students were handed down to her successors. Valeria Schuhmacher and me. As Valeria also got accepted at a music school in a different city and moved there, 29 of the 33 solo students, duets, trios, and groups went to me. That time will always stay in my heart as two of the best years of my life. The fun I had teaching singing, guitar, drums, and two bands, will always be a part of my life I look fondly back on. 

While studying at the jazz school I continued to compose and write with more and more emphasis on acoustic and orchestral music. In 2021 I moved to Switzerland to pursue music composition and work with the co-founder of "Orisono Productions", Who I met during my education. Now I'm a music teacher, multimedia producer and composer. And that's where I am right now in my journey. 





Video games, Film, Songs...
You name it.

                           How do you know that I'm THE choice for your work?

                           I accumulated a lot of knowledge and skill in all kinds of                                     different composing styles, mediums, and genres. Whether writing for film, games, songs, or instrumental pieces, I've always strived to make the best I can do. I'm a very dedicated and fast composer. Most of my sample music was written between a couple of hours and one to two days due to time constrictions. But for clients, all of my attention and resources go towards bringing them the absolute best product tendered to their needs. 


If you find yourself interested, check out the aforementioned sample music on the left. You will find a big variety of different musical pieces and songs I wrote for different mediums.



What started as a desk with two shitty speakers, became a pretty fully packed studio I'm very proud of.

I've invested a lot of time, sweat, and money into it and every minute, every drop, and every cent was worth it.

It's far from perfect, but it's also far from being done.

I evolve as a musician/Producer and so does everything around me. this is my creative space and the reason I'm able to pursue the thing that makes my life fun and meaningful.


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